Divorce Preparation Guide

Though uncertainty will always be a component of everyone’s lives, many become more aware of it after discovering they are getting divorced. When you are married, you have a plan for the future; you invest in it. You and your spouse have been working toward a shared retirement dream. After you realize your marriage is ending, the image of your future becomes blurry. Understandably, this is a tough time in your life, Read More

Preventing Litigation & Where To Focus Your Efforts

Let’s begin by shifting your focus inward. When you accept that preventing litigation is a cost-effective and efficient way of building a financially sustainable business, you may start to see threats from multiple angles. As an entrepreneur, especially one in the early stages of their first business’s life cycle, you have limited time and resources. With that in mind, we wanted to identify where your threats will Read More

Can My Small Business Sue For Defamation?

You can because defamation can destroy your reputation and, subsequently, your business’s ability to generate revenue. The larger question centers on defamation and what you must prove to win a lawsuit. Social media and easily accessible websites make it easy for virtually anyone to write a review of your goods or services. Is it considered defamation if you receive a negative review that appears on a basic Google Read More

How Tips Work In Virginia

As a law firm that practices employment law, we encounter several different types of issues that people experience in the workplace. Regardless of your industry, your employees will likely never want to lose money or have their time wasted. Reclaiming unpaid wages is an issue that could lead to litigation or possibly imprisonment. Virginia’s Wage Theft Law states the employer can be charged with a felony if they owe Read More

Separation Agreements For Virginia Divorces

The laws surrounding divorce vary by state. When your family and friends offer you advice about the divorce process, be aware that what they are saying may not specifically apply if you live in different states. For example, if you have heard anything about legal separation, you can set it aside because it is not available in Virginia.  However—and this part may be confusing based on what we just said about legal Read More

The Classes & Consequences Associated With Misdemeanors

The purpose of this article is not to frighten you or overwhelm you with information regarding the consequences of being convicted of a misdemeanor. That said, we want you to take these charges seriously. Don’t fall for the expression, “It’s just a misdemeanor,” and choose to accept guilt without talking to legal counsel. You have rights, and they deserve to be protected, regardless of the severity of the Read More

When You Should Use A Non-Disclosure Agreement

There are multiple layers and components that are infused into a company to make it successful. Regardless of whether your business offers goods or services, there are systems, processes, and procedures that go into creating them. You may use a specific type of software when developing a product, an algorithm, or even a client list that you don't want to share with competitors.  Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDAs) are a Read More

Reclaiming Unpaid Wages In Virginia

Though we elaborate on what it means in a moment, employees in Virginia have a private right of action when their employers don’t pay them. Before July 1, 2020, Virginians had few options when their employers put them in this position. If their employer unjustly withheld wages, failed to pay them overtime (when appropriate), or neglected to pay them entirely, all they could do was file a complaint. This went to the Read More

How To File Protective Orders In Virginia

If you’re being threatened, stalked, or subjected to acts of violence by someone else, you can seek a protective order to protect yourself from further aggression. However, these orders are a complex topic governed by specific laws, so not all victims understand how to file protective orders in Virginia. In this blog, we explain the various types available in this state and how to file for them when you need Read More

Child Support Enforcement

During your divorce process, it is essential to ensure that you have your agreement for the amount of money you will pay (or receive) in terms of child support. A family law attorney will handle this for you, which is only one of the many legal services they will provide you during this time. Typically, the noncustodial parent, the parent who spends less time with the child, pays the custodial parent child Read More